The Cabinet of Richard Creech

cabinet_cover The Cabinet of Richard Creech (2023) is the fourth book in the Richard Creech poetry series. It follows The Madhouse Poems of Richard Creech (2014), Richard Creech Rises Again (2015) and Creech Must Die! An Absinthe Nightmare (2021). In this book Heaven and Hell continue their struggle for Creech’s soul. Who will prevail?

Among the poems included are “Abortionstein,” “The Canals of Mars,” “A Cannibal to a Beautiful Lady,” “A Confederacy of Devils,” “Death in a Car,” “The ‘Do It Yourself’ Coffin,” “Dracula’s Ark,” “The Euthanasia Doctor,” “Faustus,” “The Ghost Hunter,” “Harry Houdini,” “The Haunted Library,” “Horror Movie,” “The Loch Ness Monster,” “The Man Who Loved Halloween,” “Nostradamus,” “An Outpost on Pluto,” “The Phrenologist,” “The Ratman,” “The Sorcerer,” “The Thing in the Cellar,” “The Thousand-Year-Old Man,” “A Trip to Hell,” “U.F.O.’s,” “Vampire Motel,” “Whirlwind” and “A Witch on a Broomstick.”

The Cabinet of Richard Creech is 292 pages long and costs $19.99. Order your copy today at the Lulu Bookstore.